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What Our Clients Have Said...

"Your Incentive Motivates My Affiliates...!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to offer my affiliates such a great incentive. I've been offering the vacation vouchers as an incentive to motivate my affiliates to promote my products. I love about your vacation packages because not only are they competitively priced, but also they have very high-perceived value. They've helped my company to generate more sales and my affiliates love receiving them! I have nothing but good things to say about Revelation Promotions.com"

Dan Lok
World's #1 Website Conversion Expert
Best-Selling Author, "Creativity Sucks" & "The Art of War for the Millennium"


"6,200 Sales In Two Weeks!"

"In 2 weeks we received more than 7,000 phone calls to the dedicated phone numbers we had setup, and we made more than 6,200 sales! We'll see how many actually connect/install, but this is the kind of activity/volume we usually see over a 2-month campaign - not a 2 week campaign! Thank you very much for all your help! I've been sending our results and info to other markets so hopefully your helpfulness will pay dividends! We have been very happy with the results, and we are hoping the fulfillment goes equally as well. Thanks."

Asia Telecom S/B


"Turned A Struggling Business Into A Thriving One!"

"These business incentive vacations have changed my life! They turned a struggling business into a thriving one! Fabulous, honest people to deal with! You can't go wrong using these vacations!"

Chin Fook
Intra-Art Sdn Bhd


"39th Wedding Anniversary To Remember!"

"We used your business incentive certificate for our 39th wedding anniversary in Bali. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Our room faced the Sea and the staff gave us free breakfast and lots of meal coupons."

Chan Yin Lin, Malaysia



Case Study

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For The First 100 67 Entrepreneurs Only…

Who Else Wants To Earn RM2,000 Everyday, Easily
And Quickly Now?

A Genuine Business With OUTSTANDING Genuine Products That Everyone Wants Again And Again, Generating Genuine Income Consistently And Passively For Long Run!


Dear Entrepreneur,

I’m Marco Robinson, the owner of Max Generation.

You’re about to discover a fabulous lucrative business opportunity which:

Provides genuine high value products which is unique and highly demanded by your clients
A system of multiple streams of income which rewards you again and again, consistently and passively for the long run. (Not an MLM business.)
Generate cold hard cash of at least RM2,000 a day, which is easily achievable! In fact, most of our agents are making RM15,000 a day!

Note: this is a genuine and legitimate business, which has nothing to do with get-rich-quick schemes, pyramid selling or MLM.

Read On Before Deciding To Grab This Opportunity!

I would urge you to continue reading to find out more before deciding to seize this opportunity, because if you don’t, you’ll probably miss out on THE opportunity of your lifetime.

It is without doubt one of the EASIEST WAYS to make money you will ever see.

First thing first, this is a genuine business with real products – in fact, very high value products.

In other words, you’ll be offering high value products to your clients everyday.

Now, you’ve probably known that big and frequent repeated sales are made only when you are throwing out fantastic value, so much value that it so irresistible it costs virtually nothing to your customer.

High Value Products At The Fraction Of
The Cost: Simply Irresistible!

And if your customer sees the high value in your product, they snap it up in a matter of minutes.

Not only that.

They’ll most likely recommend all their friends and their family to get the same value for themselves!

So, it’s a fact that if you provide good value to your customer, it’s easy money.

Now, the question is: Is the revelation rewards voucher good value?

That’s a great question!

Let’s Work The Maths…

Let’s have a look very quickly at the benefits…

How much will it cost you to buy a holiday package to Bali or Phuket, including flights for two adults?




Well, in fact, it would cost you more than RM3,000 to buy a holiday package to Bali or Phuket in the travel agent.

Even if you go for the CHEAPEST holiday to Bali or Phuket including flights for four nights, it will cost you AT LEAST RM400 ~ RM600 per pax.

This is what you can get from the local newspaper advertisements:

RM378 per pax...


Another example:

RM399 per pax...

Another one...

RM588 per pax...

Cheapest And Lowest Still Cost
At Least RM800 For 2 Pax

Base on the pricing in these advertisements, you'll have to fork out at least RM800 ~ RM1,200 for 2 persons. And this is their lowest and cheapest promotions...

Now, this same package of holiday to Bali or Phuket, INCLUDING flights for two adults, is just one of the 12 benefits your customer will get from revelation rewards…

How much it cost you?


RM50 For 12 Benefits – The Dazzling Dozen!

Yes, as a Revelation Rewards business associate you are only paying a minimum of RM50 per voucher book!

So you do the maths.

Isn’t that amazing value?

Of course it is!

Not forgetting that the Bali or Phuket package is one of 12 BENEFITS in the voucher, with each of the benefits worth at least RM 2,000 each. Some even more!

And because you are a revelation rewards business associate, you are able to EASILY resell this amazing programme for RM499.

1000% Profit Margin On Only One Voucher!

That’s a 1,000% profit on only one voucher!

Our top agents are selling between 20 – 30 vouchers a DAY EACH!

Even if you only sold one and your customer referred one of their friends to you; that would be RM900 cold hard cash in your pocket in one day!

And by the way, none of our agents sell less than two a day!

How About Depositing RM18,000 Cash Into
Your Bank Account Every Month?

If you take two days to rest that’s RM18,000 cash flowing into your bank account each month!

Question: Would you like to have RM900 flooding into your bank account everyday?

It’s really crazy to say no, isn’t it?

While we are talking about benefits, here’s another one straight from the revelation rewards voucher.

How much is a 3 day/2 night stay for up to 4 pax cost?

If you go to a travel agent to book this package, you will to pay nearly RM1,000!

This Is Only One Of The 12 Amazing Benefits!

Now, this is just one of 12 benefits the revelation rewards voucher programme offers your customer!

This means, plus the RM3,000 holiday package to Bali or Phuket, you’re now given more than RM4,000 of hard cash value to offer to your customer for only RM499!

And we have yet to talk about the other 10 benefits which are included in the revelation reward voucher book!

Trust me. Your customers are going head over toe when you tell them about this!

Now, this is just about you selling the vouchers on your own.

You Don’t Have To Sell Them By Yourself!

Imagine this: If you get ten agents working for you selling 10 vouchers a day each, and if you offer them a whopping RM100 commission per sale to super charge and motivate them.

That’s a 20% commission which most agents would not be able to resist.

The rest of the profit, you keep. That’s a RM3,500 net per day without having you to sweat even a drop!

And you would probably be interested to find out that our largest agent has 20 staffs selling 2 each a day! That’s a RM14,000 cold hard cash in the pocket!

Are you following?

So, you can now see why so many people are doing this business, can’t you?

This could be you too!

But hey, hold a second!

That’s Only One Income Stream So Far…

We haven’t really got into the BIG MONEY yet!

Huh? More to come?

You’re right!

Now, before we do that, let’s talk about another benefit in our stunning voucher…


One year membership to our sister website: www.your-revelation.com

Emm… what’s the big deal with this?

Good question!

Now that may not sound like much on the surface…

But consider this….

Guaranteed Cheapest Resorts Anywhere In The World,
Or The Difference Refunded!

Our ON LINE exclusive search engine has over 33,000 resorts available ANYWHERE in the world.

We offer a cheapest GUARANTEE, that means your customers AND you can book on line 24 hours a day with a 24 hour customer service anywhere in the world, and get an INSTANT CONFIRMATION with a guarantee that you can’t find the price any cheaper ANYWHERE in the world.

In fact, if you can find one, we will refund the difference to you! Guaranteed! So you have the complete peace of mind not to have to shop around!

So, what is it in for you?

Every time you book, we reward you by giving you revelation reward points so that you can redeem your very own holiday, and get it even cheaper!

This is how it works:

Let’s say your client book a $500 hotel stay, and you receive 12,500 points which is worth $25.

You can either save and accumulate them, or you can use the point.

Points = Money

Let’s say, you want to book a $100 hotel stay. You use your 12,500 points worth $25 and pay only $75 for the room. And that is – if you yourself want to stay. What about sell this off and make a profit of $25?

Emm… That’s not good enough for you?

3rd Income: 10 ~30% Commission

Now, what about if we give you 10 to 30% commission anytime your client books their own holiday on line?

Does that stir up some interest?

Let’s go in a little bit more detail…

Now, your clients would want the best deal in town, don’t they?

And if they can find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll refund the difference, right?

So, that means, you’re offering them an irresistible offer which they would love, and book online only through your link.

All you need to do is send them the link and they’ll do the booking themselves. They can even forward the links to their families and friends because it is more value than money!

What does this means to you?


Yes, you’ll be earning the money, without you making any effort or work on your part at all!

Revealed: The Best Income You Should Be Building
Today Is Residual Income!

I think you would agree with me that there is NOTHING else to compare to this kind of income: Make money while you’re sleeping!

Today is the day!

You have the opportunity now to start creating streams of income from all over the place when you are a revelation rewards business associate!

So, what about the really big money?

Bulk Sales = The Big Money

Well if $ 2,000 a day does not rock your boat, $ 14,000 a day just doesn’t pay the bills…..why don’t you think about offering our superb incentive programmes to companies!

You would probably agree that even the smallest corporate client buys over 500 vouchers per month? (See Case Study).

They buy them for RM100 per piece.

That means you would make a whopping $25,000 per month PASSIVELY when your corporate customer signs up for a regular subscription!

Regular Subscription By Your Clients Means
Regular And High Passive Income

If you don’t believe this, no worries!

Don’t take our word for it. Click here to see just a few of our existing clients!

Still not convinced?

Click here for a comprehensive list of testimonials from agents, customers and users of the programmes we offer.

Hmm… is this legitimate?

Now, you have all the rights to be concerned about this.

You would want to know whether this is a genuine business which can bring in income to you consistently over the long run, right?

Now, Max Generation has been offering revelation rewards programs in South East Asia for over five years and has fulfilled over 10,000 clients holidays in that time. Click here to see our FAQ’s and About Us.

It’s A Real Business!

Not only this is a genuine business with genuine money and a genuine five star service, you’re back with strong customer support and fulfillment.

Your client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction!

And we’re the first of the kind to offer such a programme in the region, which means, you’ll gain the pioneering advantage by offering a unique programme to your clients, which they will not get elsewhere.

Unique Product With No Competition
Strong Supports To Ensure Returning Clients

And with our strong support and service, you’ll be sure that your highly satisfied clients will keep returning and buy the vouchers from you.

Your long term relationship with the clients are cemented and solidified. Unshakeable! Now, that’s long term business, giving you consistent and passive income for many years to come.

What you’ve built today will last you for a long, long time.

Now, what else is it in for you?

10 Vouchers For You For Signing Up Now!

Firstly, you’ll get 10 Revelation Rewards Voucher programmes worth over RM100,000 including:

One Free 3 days/2 nights stay in a selected accommodation, for up to 4 pax.
One 5 days/4 nights international holiday for 2 ADULTS including ROUNDTRIP air tickets.
Free 1 day Session on – “How to go from broke to millionaire within 3 years”.
FREE PERSONAL TRAINING “COUPLE” SESSION including diet and nutritional consultation.
Discounts on Hotels and resorts in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong 4 NIGHT STAYS from USD99 only.
Up to 50% Discount on Cruise to Asia, Europe and Caribbean.
Free Bloodscan Live Demonstration (with doctors consultation).
And many more…!

Business Tool Kit For You To Begin With…

You’ll also receive a full set of business tool kit, including full access to our website and Powerpoint presentation to help you with the business.

And of course, you will want to know how to use these tools, present and make the sales, right?

FREE Training And Consultation
With Our Resident Business Guru

We will give you FREE training at our office in Kuala Lumpur or online, which by itself worth well over $10,000 if you were to sign up for such similar programmes outside.

And after your training, you get to access our resident business guru for over 90 days free, to polish your business skills. The time and effort involved here worth cost you easily over $100,000, and you get it for FREE today!

Consider this… even if you do not earn much with this business, these knowledge, skills, consultation which will follow you wherever you go – and by itself, is simply priceless.

You’re Fully Equiped To Become A Successful Entrepreneur In A Matter Of Days!

Of course, equipped with these knowledge and skills, it’ll be tons of money for you in a finger snap!

Wow! Amazing deal here! Can I join?

Yes and no!

You see, we are only recruiting 100 agents for this programme. If you’re fast, and sign up as the first 100, the answer for you is ‘yes’.

Once we have recruited the 100, we’ll close the door to anyone else. So, it’s a ‘no’ if you do not act fast today.

This is to be fair to all of you who join. If there’re thousands of agents offering the same incredible products to the market, it’s going to be tough for the agents.

Only First 100 Who Sign Up Will Be Given The
Privilege To Do This Business

Thus, we strictly want only 100 so that all these 100 agents would be able to tap into the market well, and earn yourself a desirable income.

Now, for the good news…

We still have: 100 92 85 73 67 spots left as of today! And we’ve just launched this program.

100 92 85 73 67 Spots Left Now!

So, if you want to secure you advantage and start earning the big money now, you have to act fast and get your vouchers NOW!

Great, I’m in! So, what shall I do now?

By ordering 10 Revelation Rewards vouchers today, you’re automatically qualified as our agent, and you can start making money instantly.

Low Start Up Cost…

And you only need to invest RM999 to begin this highly profitable business.

Let’s do a re-cap of what you’ll get with this investment:

10 Revelation Rewards voucher which can be sold for RM499 each instantly. That’s RM3,991 instant profit today!
Secured you spot and be the 100 agents who are privileged to offer our revelation rewards voucher to your clients. Remember: once we have our 100 agents, no amount of investment can buy you this spot, ever!
Opportunity to earn over 1000% profit margin with every voucher your clients buy from you.
A strong and stable business relationship with your clients over a long period of time, enabling you making consistent residual income.
1 2 months FREE membership at www.your-revelation.com and the opportunity to earn points which can be use as direct discounts to your next order.
The opportunity to earn 10 to 30% commissions over the holiday packages ordered by your client online.
A full set of business tool kit, including full access to our website and Powerpoint presentation.
FREE training at our office in Kuala Lumpur or online.
FREE access to our resident business guru for over 90 days.

Now, what lucrative business can you venture into with merely RM999 today?

Frankly, there’s nothing come closer to this.

Low Investment, High Profit
Low Competition, High Demand

Not even MLM because this programme is the first of its kind in the region. Virtually no competition at all!

Hmmm… true, but I really want to think about this first.

No problem.

But obviously we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to join and start this business after today.

It’s Now Or Never!
Instant Rebate By Registering Online Now!

Remember, once the 100 spots are snapped up, even if you offer me millions of ringgit for the rights to do this business… I’m sorry. No way!

And to make it even sweater for you, you don't even have to invest RM999 if you register now online.

Yes, if you register online now - you'll get an instant rebate of more than RM50!

So, it’s really a non-decision for you now.

Click here and reserve your spot for this highly lucrative business now:

Major Credit Card Accepted Through PayPal
Payment in USD297.00 or less than RM950.00


Yours sincerely,
Marco Robinson,
President, Revelation Travel and Promotions.


Max Generation Sdn Bhd Company



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On top of that, you'll be receiving tips and information on:

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- How to market your products and services more effectively, and get more sales in return!
- Positioning your company effectively by rewarding your loyal customers.
- Get the latest results from researches on marketing and sales.
 - And so much more!

Personally from the Master Sales and Marketing Guru, Mr. Marco Robinson.

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