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What Our Clients Have Said...

"Your Incentive Motivates My Affiliates...!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to offer my affiliates such a great incentive. I've been offering the vacation vouchers as an incentive to motivate my affiliates to promote my products. I love about your vacation packages because not only are they competitively priced, but also they have very high-perceived value. They've helped my company to generate more sales and my affiliates love receiving them! I have nothing but good things to say about Revelation Promotions.com"

Dan Lok
World's #1 Website Conversion Expert
Best-Selling Author, "Creativity Sucks" & "The Art of War for the Millennium"


"6,200 Sales In Two Weeks!"

"In 2 weeks we received more than 7,000 phone calls to the dedicated phone numbers we had setup, and we made more than 6,200 sales! We'll see how many actually connect/install, but this is the kind of activity/volume we usually see over a 2-month campaign - not a 2 week campaign! Thank you very much for all your help! I've been sending our results and info to other markets so hopefully your helpfulness will pay dividends! We have been very happy with the results, and we are hoping the fulfillment goes equally as well. Thanks."

Asia Telecom S/B


"Turned A Struggling Business Into A Thriving One!"

"These business incentive vacations have changed my life! They turned a struggling business into a thriving one! Fabulous, honest people to deal with! You can't go wrong using these vacations!"

Chin Fook
Intra-Art Sdn Bhd


"39th Wedding Anniversary To Remember!"

"We used your business incentive certificate for our 39th wedding anniversary in Bali. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Our room faced the Sea and the staff gave us free breakfast and lots of meal coupons."

Chan Yin Lin, Malaysia



Case Study

Client List



Just to show you how powerful our inventive travel vouchers are, Proton the national malaysian car maker ran a campaign recently on line:


They asked their interested buyers who booked a test drive on line that eventually purchased if they would be interested in receiving a free holiday worth RM 3,690 as an incentive to buy their cars.

It was offered to all Proton buyers for all sales outlets who came through the online ProtonLive program and expressed interest in buying a car

Results were impressive. During the campaign, test drives saw a 98% increase resulting in a 41% increase in sales, that means people buying the car NOW because of the holiday incentive.

Check out www.proton-live.com/lbi/ for details how they offered the incentive:

Prospects were directed into giving their details in exchange for an opportunity to participate in the “live buyer incentive” program:


Then after leaving their details, they were offered the incentive. www.proton-live.com/lbi/buyerincentives/lbi/incentives.jsp

At this time prospects were also shown details of the offer www.proton-live.com/lbi/buyerincentives/holiday/holidays.jsp

You can see that the “MAX LIFE” voucher was used in this program:

A true winner of a promotion, we couldn't believe the increase in sales! Proton buyers love this online program. They also enjoy the bonus of 7 nights in Bali, Phuket or European destinations as an incentive to come through ProtonLive before buying a car, FANTASTIC!

Pete Meehan,
And Soo Sing, Electric Angels
(Proton’s web partners running Proton Live)

Proton achieved a near 50% increase in sales using this holiday vouchers for online promotions!

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Marco Robinson,
President, Revelation Travel and Promotions.






















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