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What Our Clients Have Said...

"Your Incentive Motivates My Affiliates...!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to offer my affiliates such a great incentive. I've been offering the vacation vouchers as an incentive to motivate my affiliates to promote my products. I love about your vacation packages because not only are they competitively priced, but also they have very high-perceived value. They've helped my company to generate more sales and my affiliates love receiving them! I have nothing but good things to say about Revelation Promotions.com"

Dan Lok
World's #1 Website Conversion Expert
Best-Selling Author, "Creativity Sucks" & "The Art of War for the Millennium"


"6,200 Sales In Two Weeks!"

"In 2 weeks we received more than 7,000 phone calls to the dedicated phone numbers we had setup, and we made more than 6,200 sales! We'll see how many actually connect/install, but this is the kind of activity/volume we usually see over a 2-month campaign - not a 2 week campaign! Thank you very much for all your help! I've been sending our results and info to other markets so hopefully your helpfulness will pay dividends! We have been very happy with the results, and we are hoping the fulfillment goes equally as well. Thanks."

Asia Telecom S/B


"Turned A Struggling Business Into A Thriving One!"

"These business incentive vacations have changed my life! They turned a struggling business into a thriving one! Fabulous, honest people to deal with! You can't go wrong using these vacations!"

Chin Fook
Intra-Art Sdn Bhd


"39th Wedding Anniversary To Remember!"

"We used your business incentive certificate for our 39th wedding anniversary in Bali. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Our room faced the Sea and the staff gave us free breakfast and lots of meal coupons."

Chan Yin Lin, Malaysia



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Frequently Asked Questions

The attraction of travel and lifestyle fulfillment works for both management and their customers! How we do know? We have proven it every time in every promotion!
The real question is where best to spend your marketing dollars to get the best return! Revelation Rewards has many applications whether it’s to help promote your latest product OR motivate your best employees.
What is a revelation rewards travel voucher?
It’s similar to a gift certificate but for travel, wealth creation and health. You are buying the experiences of a fantastic vacation in advance for someone else, with a validity of 12 months. The revelation “voucher” can be used for hotel, air and hotel, all-inclusive holidays, superb wealth creation seminars and revolutionary wellness and health programs not available anywhere in the market place. In each offering terms and conditions apply that do not limit the experience in any way.
Why is a travel incentive so powerful?

Vacations especially with flights and in decent accommodation have a very high perceived value, simply because they are normally expensive and costly to the average family. In our latest promotion with PROTON cars, there was an increase of 38% of Satria Neo’s sold on line. In our latest customer survey, the majority of all respondents said that the revelation voucher which includes travel AND expensive health and wealth experiences is definitely the most attractive offering to all of their customers and the most effective. It is even considered better than cash or other discount incentives.

Vacation Incentive Programs carry a far higher perceived value than using a conventional marketing program such as 25% off regular price, etc. It is amazing how many times we have seen these programs in place only to witness average or even poor sales results.

Offering the high-perceived value of a vacation instead of a discount is more effective and produces positive and dramatic results. Effective incentive programs can produce multi-million dollar returns.


Do the Travel Incentive products really offer you a solution?

Travel is a fabulously flexible product and customization of programs that will deliver against your business objectives, is easy. Travel incentive companies that really want to deliver results and deserve a long-term relationship with you, will offer solutions that meet your needs! Revelation Promotions offers you that crucial support in campaign you wish to execute.
Does Revelation Promotions have a record of success?
Revelation Promotions has fulfilled more than 100,000 travel requests. Revelation’s growth continues to explode based on sound business practices, outstanding customer service and remaining innovative when it comes to designing new and exciting incentives. Companies using Revelation’s certificates have also become more successful being associated with an industry leader! Only this year we have broken every single previous record.
How do your incentive programs work?

Your company purchases the chosen revelation voucher program voucher booklets and then gives them out as fantastic incentives, which have the certificates inside of them. The customer then fills the registration card out and posts it in to Revelation Promotions within the space of time specified in that voucher. A reservations package is then posted out to the customer with instructions on how to take the vacation. Revelation does the rest. It is a simple smooth process and we ensure customer fulfillment in every way.

Is there a catch in your incentives?
No there is no catch. We are a trusted licensed and bonded travel agency. We purchase these vacations, airfare, car rentals, hotel and resort rooms in bulk at wholesale prices in order to fulfill the vacations. Some programs require minimal refundable room guarantee deposits, some require small processing fees. This refundable guarantee deposit is to ensure that the travelers will show up. Terms of participation are stated in each incentive brochure certificate.
Are Revelation’s promotions easy to use?
Time is money. Timing is critical to achieving your performance improvement objectives. Once you are committed, the efficiency with which you execute is really dependent on the travel incentive company you choose. Revelation Promotions is committed to helping you implement your program with ease and speed. At Revelation Promotions, all our promotions are either pre-packaged or can be customized to enhance your brand equity. Our marketing department conducts on-going promotions research to evaluate, to improve and most of all to innovate.
How long does it take to receive our order?
It all depends on when you placed the order. Once an order is placed it takes about 24-48 hours to be processed and shipped. All orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday.
Do the recipients have to take their vacation right away?
No, they do not. In most cases our programs provide up to a year or more to take the vacation. Other arrangements can be made under extenuating circumstances.
Once I purchase your vacation packages, can I sell them retail?
This depends on what kind of voucher program you choose. But yes, certain incentive programmes can be on sold for profit.
What kind of companies can benefit from your travel incentive programs?
All businesses can benefit in one way or another from our incentive programs. Our programs have been used by automotive dealerships, retailers, wholesalers, banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, construction companies, real estate companies, radio stations, cellular phone distributors, web site owners, just to name a few.

Click here to view our client list.

How can travel incentives help my business?
Gain an advantage over your competitors

Retain current customers
Increase sales during slow seasons
Increase floor traffic (auto dealership, retail)
Increase web traffic
Sales closing tools
Referral programs
Employee rewards for sales, completion or productivity
Customer appreciation
New membership rewards
Dealership incentives
Lead generation
Increase employee productivity/sales

Many, many more!

Find Out More How & Where You Can Use Travel Incentives To Boost Your Business Today!

Is your supplier a full-service agency?

You need to know that when you invest your hard-earned dollars and attach your good business name to the promotion, that your customers will have a totally satisfactory experience. Loyal customers are precious and a powerful word-of-mouth source – what they say affects your future business.

Revelation Promotions is a full-service incentive agency – from concept, through operations, including client education and communications. We design, deliver and fulfill our own products. We do NOT 3rd party the travel experience. We know all about the ‘vacation dream’ that your customer wants. Revelation Promotions is a member in Good Standing with The British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Air Asia, CLIA, ARTA, IATAN and ASTA.

Would you use Revelation Promotions again?
At Revelation Promotions we know the value of relationships – they are the engine of success. Our focus is on building your business, NOT short-term shots at random objectives. We take the time to uncover your needs and find solutions. We offer a bundle of solutions and stand-alone programs to target different points in your business, to address your different improvement objectives. Like you, we know what it costs to gain a new customer and how loyalty impacts the bottom line!

Take a look at our end-user testimonials.

Why should we buy from you?
Since we are a full service travel agency, we fulfill ALL of our incentive packages. No need to worry about a fulfillment company.
We are a internationally recognized travel agency.
Our programs are the most cost effective and competitive in the market.
We are #1 in Customer Service Fulfillment in our industry.
Is Customer Service easily accessible?
Revelation Promotions is one of the only vacation incentive companies actually printing their customer service phone number right on each vacation certificate. It sounds absurd, but most don’t. The Revelation Promotions customer service staff are trained to answer the traveler’s questions accurately and courteously. With most of its competitors, it’s almost impossible to get through to someone who can really help you without delay. Revelation Promotions is eager to guide it’s travelers through the vacation process and spends uninterrupted time assisting each caller one at a time Monday through Friday, 12pm – 6pm, Saturday’s 11am – 2pm, except major holidays.
Unmatched Customer Service
Using all major airlines and the best-known name hotels and cruise lines, our new customer service complex gives personal care to every one of your travelers. Your customer is our customer so our phone number is printed on every certificate. Our explosive growth is based upon both value and service. The friendly people that work here will answer your customers’ travel plan questions and assure their accurate reservation plans.
Where and how I can use this incentive programs?
Click here to find out a full list of areas and applications of the vouchers which you can use to help in your business today.

Call us today on 03-6257 9058, Mon to Fri 12.00pm to 6.00pm

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Marco Robinson,
President, Revelation Travel and Promotions.



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